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Slovak Jews Call for Csatary's Extradition

Slovak Jews Call for Csatary's Extradition

Slovakia's Central Union of Jewish Communities (UZZNO) calls on the Slovak authorities to push for the extradition of Laszlo Csatary - who is accused of deporting thousands of Jews from Kosice to Auschwitz during WWII


From Hungary, where he is currently being detained, to Slovakia, UZZNO chairman Igor Rintel said at a press conference on Tuesday.  According to Rintel, extradition would be reasonable, as most of the witnesses live in Slovakia. In addition, it was in the former Czechoslovakia where Csatary was sentenced to death in his absence in 1948.

Rintel went on to point out that although most of the witnesses are of an advanced age, justice in Csatary's case should be done at least symbolically, as the crimes against humanity that he committed are not subject to any statute of limitations.

While many agree that the aforementioned conviction could be applied but with the death penalty changed to life imprisonment, UZZNO points out that many of the documents from Csatary's court files have been lost. According to UZZNO, this probably happened after 1995, when the authorities in Canada, Csatary's former hiding place, began investigating the case. Csatary later escaped to Hungary where he was living until he was arrested earlier in July.  While the investigation is under way, the Hungarian authorities put Csatary under a 30-day house arrest on July 18.

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2 Reponses to „Slovak Jews Call for Csatary's Extradition“

Solomon says:

Jul 27, 2012 9:20 AM

Naco sudit starca, ktory uz stoji pred svojim hrobom? Treba ho rovno obesit be sudu a potom obesit aj jeho matku, toto by bola spravodlivost...

janvajda says:

Jul 25, 2012 8:06 PM

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