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Dzurinda Sends Condolences to Israel

Dzurinda Sends Condolences to Israel

Slovak Foreign Affairs Minister Mikulas Dzurinda sent a condolence letter to his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman on Thursday.


Regarding the terror attacks that claimed lives of seven Israelis and left at least 26 people injured DELET earned from the Foreign Affairs Ministry press department.


"Minister Dzurinda condemned these brutal acts that are aimed against the effort of the international community to achieve progress in the peace process in the Middle East. He asked his counterpart to send condolences to the Israeli Government and relatives of terror attack victims," read the statement.


Gunmen near the southern Israeli resort town of Eilat launched a coordinated attack Thursday against three civilian and military targets, killing at least five people and wounding 26 more. In one incident, gunmen in a car opened fire on a public bus as it drove south from Beersheva to Eilat on a highway near the Israel-Egypt border, injuring nine passengers. Shortly after the initial strike, a private car, also travelling south, was struck with an anti-tank missile.

by Michael Szatmary l Aug 19, 2011 12:00 AM l Print l
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4 Reponses to „Dzurinda Sends Condolences to Israel“

Diana Zsigová says:

Aug 21, 2011 9:49 PM

Neviem, či to bol ten istý, ale raz som videla konverzáciu medzi izraelskym velvyslancom a nejakym akoze zastupcom, alebo "odbornikom" na blizkovychodnu problematiku a to sa nedalo pozerať. Zatial, čo Alexander Ben-Zvi normálne a slušne rozprával, ten druhý, naoza neviem, čo to bolo, zjapalo to, kričalo lámanou slovenčinou, rozpravalo niečo veľmi zvláštné a emotívne, čo nemalo ani hlavu ani pätu. Vyzeralo to strašne a agresívne.

Trubiroch says:

Aug 21, 2011 9:03 PM

Palestínsky tzv.diplomat.

Michael Szatmary says:

Aug 19, 2011 12:20 AM

kto je to trhovec?

Trubiroch says:

Aug 18, 2011 3:21 PM

A to si neviem predstaviť čo to bude ak bude tzv Palestínsky štát. Včerajšia diskusia na TA3 s prefíkaným trhovcom hovorila za všetko.

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