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Jewish dating online

Jewish dating online

If you desire a relation with a good partner of the same cultural and religious background, with the same worldview; then the foreign Jewish online dating sites are quite a good choice.



You can meet cool people there, who may not be your perfect match, but who can become your good friends.  And yes, you can meet the love of your life there. But also, you can stumble upon fakes, fools and gold-diggers. Thanks to international Jewish dating sites you can directly from your cosy living room meet a Reform surgeon from Vienna, a secular music teacher from Prague, or an Orthodox guy in his thirties from Tel Aviv. There are many such dating sites specializing in “Jewish singles” on the internet and if you wish for international relation, this is a great opportunity. Of course these sites do not offer their services for free, so if you want to contact other members, and not only to browse their profiles, you will have to pay. And the price for the services can get really high.


In the most cases you will find Jews on these sites, but there are non-Jews, who would like to have a Jewish boyfriend or girlfriend, or simply like Jewish values, as well. It is interesting to see how popular the women from Europe among Israeli men are on these sites. Some Israeli men claim that they are more feminine and gentler than young girls from their homeland, whom they see as too rough and over-confident. Here, I would like to quote an interesting insight from one of my Israeli friends: “Young Israeli girls are much different from European Jewish women. As Israel is an informal and aggressive country, so the girls are informal and aggressive too. And they are bit rough in their speech. Of course, I would not like to generalise and say that all of them are like this. But most of them are. My countrywomen, of course, have many fantastic features; they are devout, passionate and family-oriented.” And so, the Israeli men, along with this friend of mine, wish for the combination of the both mentioned – a girl should have a kind behaviour and femininity of European Jewish women, and devotion and soulfulness of Israeli women…


As with every other dating portal, the international Jewish dating sites carry with them the risk of meeting a fake. So called “Nigerian scammers” are infiltrated in all dating sites, no matter it is a Jewish, Christian, “normal” or VIP. These Nigerian scammers are Africans who spend days and nights in internet cafes all over Africa. They create fake profiles on dating sites and contact dozens of victims at a time. They pretend to be someone else in order to get money from respectable people. A cautious person can uncover them relatively fast, but reckless singles might get hurt easily. The scammers like to put photos of charming persons on their profiles (they steal these photos from Internet). They like to pretend to be managers, businessmen, models and in the field “About me” they write the most convincing descriptions possible. They often emphasise their religion and their ability to love truly and with devotion. But luckily, they are not too good in Jewish terminology and they have a really hard time to keep on pretending to be Jewish. They do know that they would be uncovered really fast, so you find very few of them on Jewish dating sites than anywhere else. But you will get plenty of women, who do not look for a nice relation, but prefer life in luxury (and they think that Jewish men can provide them that).


Jewish online dating sites are great thing, but they do not guarantee that you will meet only honest, kind and good people, who wish to raise their children in the spirit of the Jewish tradition, faith and culture. You can get hurt by these people as much as on those who look only for sexual relation or your money. The first Slovak online Jewish dating site, which comes together with the new Delet, is here to help those who have not found their love yet, and is a welcomed, fresh and, of course, safer alternative to the international ones.

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2 Reponses to „Jewish dating online“

Michael Szatmary says:

Jul 12, 2012 3:00 PM

bohuzial zatial nad niecim podobnym neuvazujeme. na to by boli potrebne peniaze, ktorymi delet nedisponuje. no FB skupina DELETu ma viac ako 650 clenov a sluzi tiez ako jedna velka zoznamka :)

Vladimir Polach says:

Jul 10, 2012 4:27 PM

Dobry den,

prosim, neco takoveho na delet existuje?



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